About us

NameTrends is a professional domain name marketplace with a passion for all things Online. We are committed to finding you the best name for your site, or assisting in finding the right buyer should you want to sell. With years of experience in the domain industry, we know how the market works, and we will work to get results in your favor!

The Internet market, including cell phones and tablets as well as computers, is growing at a rapid pace and new businesses are becoming involved in the industry each day. In addition to our extensive knowledge and experience in today’s market, we are always striving to keep up to date on the current events and happenings in the marketplace, especially in hotspots such as China and India.

Imagine this: your domain name is a first handshake to potential clients, business partners, employees, or any other visitor to the site. Do you want to make a good impression?

A challenge that many new businesses face when choosing to move to a digital presence is the selecting exactly the right domain name to suit their purposes. Coupled with the fact that there isn’t a single domain marketplace out there—in fact there are many—this may feel like an impossible task.

Thankfully, here at NameTrends.com, WE are here for YOU. We know that finding the perfect domain name is all in the details—and not all domain names will give the kind of results your looking for. We can guide you through the process of selecting a high-value domain that is easily searchable and recognizable to build instant trust with customers at competitive prices compared to other domain marketplaces.

Why choose NameTrends.com?

NameTrends is a Premium Domain marketplace with a vast selection of memorable names. We believe that a great name means a great business, and are committed to finding you the perfect fit for your online debut.

In addition, we offer a wide range of digital assets and services including:

  • Premium Domain Sales and Marketplace
  • Domain Name Brokerage
  • Domain Name Acquisition
  • Website Development and Logo Design
  • Internet Attorneys

Once a domain name has been purchased, we transfer it to your registrar quickly and professionally.

The benefits of a Premium Domain

Acquiring a domain name is an important first step in building and cultivating an online business. The benefits include:

1. Improved marketing and visibility
2. Builds credibility
3. Protects one’s brand
4. Acquire more traffic
5. As an Investment for the future

Should you buy or lease your domain?

If you’re a beginner to the domain retail game, you can choose to buy or lease the new domain name.

Buying a domain name

A high-value domain name is typically short, general, memorable, and easy to spell. The benefits of purchasing a domain name outright include: better brand recognition, increased trust, and authority from potential customers, enhanced SEO benefits and higher potential for direct traffic.

Think of it this way: the easier it is for your customers to find you, the more opportunities to generate sales.

In addition, purchasing a less expensive option—typically more complicated or obscure—could end up costing more in the long run. Why? You have to put more money and time into building recognition than you would for a high-value name.

While you are also building your brand with a Premium Domain name, it is also an investment, which you could sell for significant prices should you choose to in the future.

Leasing a domain name

Leasing a domain name allows you to avoid the high start-up costs of purchasing a Premium Domain name—which can come with a hefty price tag of hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Leasing a domain name is just like leasing a car. The lessor (seller) gives the lessee (buyer) the right to use the domain name temporarily for a specified period of time. The lessee, in turn, pays periodic lease payments to the lessor.

In addition, the lessee will also have the option to buy the domain name, either within the leasing period or when the contract has finished. This provides the benefit of testing out the domain before the decision for purchasing is made.


You’ve found the perfect Premium Domain name for your online business. But you don’t have enough capital to purchase it. What do you do?

A lack of cash on hand shouldn’t be the culprit of a missed investment opportunity—and you are definitely not the only one. The demand for financing of Premium Domain names is great, companies understand the benefits associated with a high-value domain, and for those selling these domains, it can be a challenge to find buyers who can pay the elevated prices.

We can help you to acquire a specific domain name, even if the price is out of your budget. Please contact us or visit the Payments section for more information.